Are you thinking about relocating? Whether it’s for business or for its own sake, you should consider North Carolina for your next adventure! Our state blends the best of Southern hospitality with the modernity of urban life. Here are a few reasons to move to North Carolina.

Cost of Living

With a living cost slightly below the national average, there are few states that represent value like North Carolina. Across the board, you’ll pay less for housing, groceries, gas, and utilities.

Of particular note is home value; we’re at an average of $187,300, versus a national average of $231,200. This is especially interesting because we are the 10th fastest growing state, especially around major urban centers. Your home value is only going to appreciate, and getting in on the ground floor will let you reap profits.


NC’s landscape is unique in its variety; you can travel from the mountains to the shore in a single day and experience vastly different cultures, biomes, and lifestyles. From mountainous Asheville – often called the San Fran of the east coast – to picturesque Southport (which inspired Nicholas Sparks’ best-selling novels), you have all that variety right at your fingertips. If you’re craving big city excitement, you’ll find it in Charlotte and Raleigh, at a fraction of the cost of most major cities and with less traffic. Well, usually.


Even though we’re technically the “South,” NC is basically smack dab in the middle of the eastern seaboard. Our unique positions means that when you get tired of our state, your next adventure is a quick road trip away.

Washington, DC and Atlanta are both around 6 hours away, perfect for a weekend getaway. Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is also a hub for American airlines, with direct flights available to just about any major destination…even international stops!


NC has some of the best universities in the country, including prestigious Duke University. But the public universities are no slouch either, especially the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As a resident, you’ll enjoy significantly discounted tuition.

If you’re relocating to North Carolina, you should consider Sanford! This little town is within spitting distance of the Triad and Triangle, two major urban centers of North Carolina. The hottest new neighborhood in Sanford is Autumnwood, a community of affordable homes near great schools and activities. Contact us today to learn about joining our community!

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