Tips for Accommodating a Large Family This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved holiday traditions across America: a time where we can come together with extended family, catch up with one another, express gratitude for all we have, and eat delicious home-cooked foods. But if you’re hosting this year, you might be worried about how to fit all those people into your house. Here are a few tips for accommodating an extensive guest list this year.

1. Make a Chores List

This one is especially important if your tradition is just beginning or this is the first time you’ve hosted in a while. Having a rotational chores list for simple things like taking out the trash, cleaning the tables, doing the dishes, or walking the dogs can make your life as host much easier. Plus, by dividing up all the chores between lots of family members, no one person should end up with an exorbitant amount. This means you can maximize the time you have together with fun stuff instead of cleaning.

2. Emphasize Your Locale

If your family is from out-of-town or out-of-state, this may be one of the few times they are able to visit the area. Try to schedule unique outings on the weekend to help them truly experience Sanford, North Carolina. Plus, you can liven up Thanksgiving dinner by planning food items that are native to NC, like our different styles of barbecue or some seafood caught off our shores. Wash it all down with some Cheerwine and make this year a year to remember.

3. Don’t Overpack Your Schedule

While fun outings, backyard sports events, shopping, and other activities can bring excitement and energy to the gathering, the point of a holiday is to refresh your mind. Some of the best Thanksgiving moments occur in the downtime between activities, when family members can relax and converse without worrying about what time the stores open or when they are supposed to go hiking. Don’t be afraid to include empty times in your party planning for guests to wind down and enjoy the atmosphere.

Looking for fun, unique local places to help your relatives experience Sanford? Visit our Points of Interest page for some ideas. Have fun, stay thankful, and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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