Down to Earth: The Benefits of Main-Level Living

A multi-story house has a lot of appeal: vertical space, a regal façade, and the opportunity for a gorgeous staircase setup. But having to go up and down stairs for daily activity has its drawbacks, which is why single-level homes are always in style.

Lately, “zero-entry” homes with no entry stairs and “main-level living” are popular trends in homebuilding. Autumnwood is proud to offer these single-level floor plans in some of our homes, and there are a few reasons why you should consider them!


Many of the single-floor plans in Autumnwood include an unfinished second floor. This may seem unusual at first, but it can significantly reduce your upfront costs by reducing the labor and materials required to finish construction. This also allows you to choose between storage or living space, based on your needs.

A two-story home may also require deeper foundations to support the increased load.

Energy Efficiency

A second story presents many challenges for your HVAC system. Many two-story homes require a second unit to achieve proper cooling on the second floor; without it, the floors will have a significant temperature difference. A single level (or unfinished second floor) reduces the cooling area of the home, saving on energy costs.

Design and Aesthetics

In a two-story home, ceiling heights are inherently limited by the second floor. A single-level (or mostly single-level) home allows for much more dramatic ceiling heights, huge windows, skylights, and other architectural details. While a second story can offer better views, a single-story offers far more interior options.


A single-floor home without stairs is significantly more accessible than a multi-level setup. It’s ideal for disabled individuals, whether they’re residents or visitors.  Even if you’re able-bodied, such a setup reduces a risk of injuries and saves you the trouble of walking up and down stairs for laundry and other tasks.

Because of this reduced risk of injury, many insurers will actually offer lower rates for single-level homes!

Autumnwood has both single and multi-level homes available now! Our Sanford location in Central North Carolina blends easy access to urban areas with the peace and atmosphere of rural living.

We offer showings by appointment to reduce risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us now to schedule yours!

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