Taking Care of Your Health and Well-Being in Sanford

Explore these popular options for fitness, fun, and well-being in Sanford.

Sanford Latin Dance provides dance classes and fitness opportunities with Zumba, Salsa, MixxedFit, and more. Dance provides the benefits of a workout while keeping it fun! Located in the heart of Downtown Sanford, click here for class schedules and details.

Looking for a fitness program that combines a wide variety of functional movements? Check out Phalanx CrossFit. The term “phalanx” is used to describe a group of individuals working closely together to achieve a common purpose, and at Phalanx CrossFit, that purpose is to advance fitness and improve quality of life. Located at 3509 Cameron Drive in Sanford, visit them on the web for club information at www.PhalanxCrossFit.com.

Home to students from beginners to advanced practicers of all ages, Sanford Yoga Center truly is for everybody and every body. Classes range from a focus on rudimentary poses, building strength and flexibility, and learning the importance of breath throughout the flow, to focusing on core strength and fitness. The studio is home to several teachers, allowing people access to many different teaching styles and classes. The Sanford Yoga Center is located at 126 W. Main Street. Learn more about class offerings and details by clicking here.

And consider massage as a stress reliever or to target a medical condition. From massage for athletes, to regular massage, reflexology, scalp massage, pressure point massage, and Thai massages, there is something for everyone at Shen Massage, located at 310 N. Horner Boulevard. Not just a luxury, massage has physical, emotional, and medical benefits. Owner Sheri Sine caters to her clients and gives them an “a la carte” massage experience. Call (919) 353-3248 for information.


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