Lee County
To show you are really settled into your home at Autumnwood in Sanford, North Carolina, you need a few terms you will hear locals mention casually to blend in well. Here’s a few to know so you can speak almost as easily as a Lee County native after moving to Sanford. When people mention Tramway,...
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Autumn has finally arrived in North Carolina, and the temperatures are steadily decreasing. The colder the weather, the more energy you have to use to keep your house warm and comfortable. Although frigid winter temperatures usually don’t hit Lee County until January or so, now is the time to prepare your house. “Winterizing” your Sanford...
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Property tax rates are a primary source of revenue for local government. They are used to pay for things like employees’ salaries, public schools, parks and recreation, sanitation and sewage, police and fire protection, roads, and other local needs. The specific tax rates you pay at the end of the year depend on the value...
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Leavitt Bridgman

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