Any North Carolina resident will tell you that while the big cities have their attractions, small towns are where you’ll find the state’s real charm. Our neck of the woods is no exception: less than an hour from Sanford, past winding rural highways, you’ll find Seagrove.

Known the world over as a destination for potters and artists, Seagrove is an awesome place to soak up some art or find a unique gift for the holiday season.

The History of Seagrove

With a population of barely over 200, Seagrove has always been less of a proper town and more of a gathering place for artists. The pottery tradition dates back to before the American Revolution, where potters from the North – seeking high-quality clay and easy trading access – discovered Seagrove as a new home to ply their trade.

Much of the pottery produced then was functional: whiskey jugs, plates, and the like. But as times changed, pottery production in the area declined. In the 1920s the area experienced a revival thanks to outside investment and growing tourism in North Carolina.

Seagrove Today

Today Seagrove has established itself as a capital for artisanal, traditional pottery, and the area hosts dozens of studios and exhibitions. Chief among these is the North Carolina Pottery Center, a museum that hosts both permanent and rotating exhibits showcasing the history of NC pottery. There’s even an attached house for artists in residence!

In addition to the museum, Seagrove hosts numerous studios and galleries. Highlights include the Seagrove Pottery Gallery (built in an old fire station), the Great White Oak Gallery (filled with details like a hand-made sink in the bathroom), and the Johnson and Gentithes Gallery (set in a striking house that is both traditional and modern.)

There’s also the annual Seagrove Pottery Festival, which happens every year around Thanksgiving.


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