North Carolina Cities: Get to Know Your Backyard

Autumnwood is nestled in Sanford, North Carolina, a small town with a very important feature: easy access to everything. Our central location means you’re within day-driving distance of every major North Carolina city! We’ve collected some information about them here.


Eastward towards the coast you’ll find Wilmington, a port city that blends a historic downtown with easy access to beaches. The most prominent feature of downtown is the looming presence of Battleship North Carolina, now decommissioned and open for tours.

There are many beaches adjacent to downtown, but one of the most popular is Wrightsville Beach with its low-slung, California-esque downtown area. Get there early: parking is difficult.


So first things first: despite them often being named together, Raleigh and Durham are separate cities, with Raleigh being our capital. That said, the cities do have some cultural overlap as centers of North Carolinian culture.

Raleigh is primarily defined by the capital landscape and its museums, including the popular NC Museum of Art. Durham has its own art scene – including a performing arts center – but its former railroad hub status gives it a quirkier vibe, with a downtown filled with restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.


North Carolina sure does love putting cities close together, and these two – forming what’s called the Piedmont Triad – are similar to Raleigh/Durham in their differences.

Winston-Salem arguably has a better art scene and better downtown bars, but Greensboro’s food scene and park system come out on top. Of particular note is the Greenway, which spans the spine of the entire city and makes an excellent biking path.


As North Carolina’s largest, fastest-growing and most international city, Charlotte is the closest you’ll get to true big city ambience. Its thriving uptown hosts the Panthers football stadium, huge concert venues, upscale restaurants, and just about any other metropolitan distraction.

If you’re looking for the best nightclub scene in the state, the Epicentre has you covered, with multiple stories of bars, restaurants, and dancing late into the night.


Deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains you’ll find Asheville, North Carolina’s most popular tourist destination. Often called the San Francisco of the east coast, Asheville melds ancient mountain scenery with forward-looking culture, an expansive art scene, and some of the best dining in the state.

Asheville is perhaps best known for its high number of craft breweries, as well as the Biltmore Estate, former home of the Vanderbilt family.

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