Hugger Mugger Brewing Opens in Sanford

Hugger Mugger Brewing, Sanford’s first, much-anticipated craft brewery, is opening today, January 18, at 229 Wicker Street.

In a Sanford Herald Hugger Mugger interview, owner Tim Emmert noted “Sanford has really good demographics … I feel like it is a really well-kept secret. You also have the sense that there is something happening in Sanford. While we are doing this project, we are hearing about all of these other projects that are going to happen two or three years down the road. The development of Sanford is going on pretty quickly for such a small area, and it’s exciting. We kind of picked it for cold, non-romantic reasons, but as we went through the process, we started to see what a lot of people were seeing — that there is a lot going on, and that it is going to be an exciting four or five years for this place.”

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