How to Throw the Best New Year’s Eve Party This Year

With the new year almost here, no doubt you are already making plans for a New Year’s Eve party with family and friends. If you are hosting, these parties can be stressful — and that’s the exact opposite of how you want to feel when starting 2019. To help lower your stress, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will make your NYE party the best on the block!

Keep the Music Going

In the midst of worrying about finger foods, beverages, decorations, and fun activities, you may overlook a crucial element of setting the ambiance: music. Create a Spotify or streaming playlist specifically for your party, with all of your favorite 2018 songs in a variety of genres. It’s important to think about all of your guests and include music that meshes with their tastes. Mix in some wintry holiday songs, and you’re good to go.

Celebrate With the World

One of the best parts of New Year’s Eve coverage is that TV stations usually showcase NYE celebrations from around the world. There are multiple ways you can use this to your advantage when planning the perfect party. If you’re having an adults-only shindig, maybe offer a toast every time midnight rolls around and the ball drops in another country. Or, you can try making food from different countries for your guests to eat when that country celebrates the New Year. This can be a learning experience for kids as well, if they’re allowed to stay up and partake of the festivities.

Get Your Friends in on the Planning

Another way to reduce your stress and still have a fabulous party is to bring your friends and guests into the mix. Have a potluck meal to showcase your guests’ favorite dishes, or ask them to bring their favorite drink. Not only will this lessen the amount of cooking and shopping you’ll need to do, but it will create a chance for everyone to get to know each other while they sample all of the delicious food and beverages.

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