We all want our home to stand out and “pop” to neighbors, but there is a fine line between having a beautiful house and yard and being ostentatious. Curb appeal, or making your home warrant a second glance from the road, is all about navigating that line successfully. Below are some tips to increase your home’s curb appeal and beautify the space in which you live.

Lawn Maintenance

This one is difficult to hear in the summer when it can become hot and muggy outside, but having your lawn consistently mowed, edged, trimmed, and otherwise kept up is an important part of making your home look nice. Collect the grass clippings in a bag to prevent an unsightly spray along your driveway or on the road in front of your house. Plus, the clippings can be used as moisture retainers when spread around the base of your other plants.

An A-Door-Able Home

A focal point for your house is your door. Make it stand out with an eye-popping color, but make sure it matches well with the existing paint job of your house. Otherwise, you risk treading into the area of ostentatiousness. Another way to make your door noticeable is to implement some decorations, such as a seasonal wreath, a family letter, or another element that can draw the eye.

Furniture for the Outdoors

One way to make your house appealing is to have outdoor furniture on display. Whether you have a cozy porch, a fire pit, a garden, or another area that can be used for relaxation, display unique furniture to boost your yard’s neighborly atmosphere. Make sure not to overcrowd the area, though, and always clean your furniture to avoid unsightly stains, grime, and other turn-offs.

Be G-utterly Beautiful

A cleaned gutter can really make a statement. Remove leaves and other debris from the gutter and power wash or scrub the outside so that it looks brand new. The job may take some effort, but the transformation it brings your home is worth it.


There are plenty of ways to make your home look fabulous from the outside, and you are limited only by your own creativity! For any questions or concerns, get in touch with our office.

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