Autumn, with all its wondrous colors and beautiful weather, is finally upon us. For residents of Autumnwood, the season that shares its name with the community marks a special time of year. Here are some neat decorating ideas to spark your creativity this Fall.

Warm Up the Decor

As the weather cools down after a long, hot summer, warm colors can bring your home decor to life. Use darker, deeper reds and oranges to bring a vibrant feel to your living room. As an added bonus, fire up the fireplace to complete the look.

Emphasize the Front Door

Lots of decorations this Fall will revolve around the front door. It’s the entrance to your abode, so it sets the tone for the rest of house. Some ideas for sprucing up that front door are to add a wreath, stack some gourds on the front porch, or feature painted or glammed-up pumpkins.

Feature a Rustic Tray

No matter what season you’re decorating for, a good idea is to have a central focal piece. How about a feature on your dining room table or coffee table? You can make a rustic tray fairly easily by painting an existing tray in shades of brown. Throw on some candles, maybe a pinecone, or other Autumn accent pieces and you’re finished! This is a project that the whole family can work on together.

Remember Old Times

Since Fall is a season that invites remembrance, and since holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving are full of nostalgia, a common trend is to highlight your old memories. Display family photos in a prominent place to ignite conversation with family and friends.

Take Advantage of the Lower Temperatures

After a sweltering summer, take advantage of the crisp, cool evenings in the Fall. If you don’t already have one, create an outdoor space like a fire pit, grilling area, or simply a circle of cozy chairs on your back porch. Style up those outdoor areas and invite friends over for after-dinner conversations.

For those of us in Autumnwood, this season is a time for getting out and enjoying all the wonderful activities to do in Sanford. If you’re not an Autumnwood resident already, contact us here to learn more about how you can join our community.

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